Founded in Indianapolis, United States, with European headquarter in Netherlands, Nexvoo Inc. is a high-tech enterprise which integrates innovation, production and sales of smart UC terminal and healthcare devices, catering to both B2C and B2B markets.

Nexvoo Inc. hat zwei Tochtergesellschaften - Nexvoo Tech und Nexvoo Healthcare mit eigenen F&E-Funktionen. 

Nexvoo Healthcare, on the other hand, anchors its mission to make life easier and healthier by creating smart medical devices. It leverages key resources in Research and Development to produce multi-functional and more advanced medical and telemedicine solutions. Nexvoo Health Care has a wide range of products which include the health monitor, breeze transparent masks, health ergonomic chairs, endoscope and stethoscope.

Nexvoo Tech verwendet US-basierte Qualcomm-Chipsätze mit Google-Zertifizierung und bietet zusätzliche Kontrollen sowie Sicherheits- und Qualitätszertifizierungen. Es verfügt derzeit über High-End-Videokonferenzlösungen auf dem Markt, wie z. B. Videokonferenzkameras und -bars, Telefone, Tablets und Headsets.


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Nexvoo's commitment to quality — in our products, our solutions, our services — is absolute. It is regularly audited by a range of internationally recognized quality certification bodies. Nexvoo strives to meet the highest expectation of quality and safety from its customers and partners.

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